I Know That Sound!

Featuring: Tze

My laptop does a kind of a bad note ‘PLOING’ when the battery runs low (I don’t like keeping the charger plugged in).

False alarm!

2 thoughts on “I Know That Sound!

  1. Nozomi (@mottekurunoda) says:

    Tzeeeee! How are you? Sorry I’d been totally MIA for ages. Also I’ve been off Facebook (G is my site administrator) so I haven’t responded to any of your comments — sorry!!! The end of my BA is coming up and things are busy but I’m happy to be drawing comics again! I see I have a lot of meh comics to catch up on….woot! Btw I listen to the Kaffeehausmusik playlist — probably similar, eh!

    • Tze says:

      Nozomiiiii! No worries, I’ve been guilty of disappearing for months/a year many a time. <– Let me stress that: more than once. Like, at least 3 times. I'm just glad you're back to drawing! And look how many readers welcomed you back! :D
      Also, congratulations on getting hitched! Oh my goodness. XD You know Ben and I visited Berlin last year and I thought of you. I'll be visiting Berlin again at some point; we should catch up!

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