I Just Needed An Excuse To Draw Sushi

Featuring: Tze, Ben

Sushi Stars is one of my favourite sushi places in Frankfurt. It’s very reasonably priced or even cheap and their shime saba is heavenly (maybe because theirs doesn’t taste of vinegar…). They don’t have the poshest sushi, but the quality is very good (okay, except for the tuna…sorry). I must’ve been there around 20 times now, if not more! :D

For some reason, this post shows ups a lot when people search for ‘sushi drawing’ or ‘how to draw sushi’…heh. :3

We forgot our own anniversary...

I didn't think I'd know how to draw sushi! Guess I can. :p

Drawing food is so much fun… :3

9 thoughts on “I Just Needed An Excuse To Draw Sushi

  1. Toni Helm says:

    Choyu? What’s that? Doesn’t that mean Shōchū (25~30% Japanese liquor) or Shōyu (fermented soy sauce)?

    • Tze says:

      Oooops it was meant to be ‘Choya’. :x We always get a shot of umeshu from that brand. Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Moom says:

    My personal favorite is tamago, So much that every time in anime that the male protagonist receives a 3-story lunchbox full with just tamago (because that’s the only thing the girl is confident to make at that moment), I get a little bit jealous.

    • Tze says:

      Similar to surimi, but supposed to replace squid instead. I think. :p It’s more chewy but looks too artificialand tastes too sweet to be actual squid.

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