9 thoughts on “Once Hated, Now Loved: Rice

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  2. charlotte sometimes says:

    Olives for me. For ages you could only ever get those overly salty ones, and I never liked those. Then I tried some mild ones from Spain and now I eat them all.

    • Tze says:

      Ahh true, they are super salty here. Isn’t that because they’ve been altered to fit the market here? Like people not liking Chinese food from ‘Chinese restaurants’ until… they go to a real, non-Westernised Chinese restaurant.

      • charlotte sometimes says:

        I think they aren’t altered, but usually delivered from Turkey or Greece, where people enjoy them to be way more salty than the Italians or Spanish do for example. 

        And I find the MSG temples in German cities have as much in common with chinese food as those
        walkers cajun squirrel crisps with eating squirrels. 
        Over here you get a lot of nice chinese places to go, which is great as my face explodes with spots when I eat msg.

        • Tze says:

          Wow, that’s a good reason to avoid msg (and I’m glad they’re starting to realise its impopularity, some places even put “No MSG” on their signs!). D: I find the idea of using it scary, but didn’t realise until quite late that my mum put it in most things (I thought it was sugar!). It’s addictive in cup noodles though. :x

  3. Zomink says:

    Me too! I’m all for firmer rice. Japanese rice is sticky and generally not too mushy, but I use slightly less water so it comes out a little less sticky. NOM.

  4. Lucretius Williams says:

    …. *never actually knew until just now that there could be people who prefer mushy rice*

    I… I suppose you learn something new everyday… I mean, sticky, yes… but mushy? I can’t even imagine something like that.

    Although, incidentally few people here know how to cook brown rice properly, and it tends to come out mushy. it could come out like jasmine rice! Fluffy, and firm.

    • Tze says:

      Not mushy as in soggy, but… very, very soft. There’s hardly a need to chew and they get squished to a paste between your chopsticks. Yup, different tastes exit (but I don’t approve of that one :p). Hm, I don’t think I can cook brown rice that well… in fact, I can’t cook rice–> it all goes into the rice cooker.

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