I Did Something Stupid…No, DISASTROUS Even…

Featuring: Tze

Lesson learnt. A back up should be a back up, not the one and only file (d’oh). Putting it on a hard disk doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. -_-

8 thoughts on “I Did Something Stupid…No, DISASTROUS Even…

    • Tze says:

      It wasn’t needed in the end because everything was still in my Recycle Bin. Can you retrieve files frome external harddisks though…?

  1. Jaime G. Wong says:

    Hey there, Tze,

    I had it worse, I have a backup disk which mirrors everything every night. So I deleted all my iTunes videos and TV shows to do some stuff with the intention of copying them back from the backup. As you can guess already, I forgot and the mirroring at night deleted it all. Augh!

    • Tze says:

      ARGH! That sounds like something I’d accidentally do (and have done) at night or in the early morning when half asleep. Oh dear, poor you! Hope you didn’t have to waste too many hours getting it all back!

  2. Toad-Killer Dog says:


    That first panel made my blood run cold, thank goodness for file recovery. :)

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