How To Open A Starbucks Thermos, And Bring Me Bonsai

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I’d like to mention Bring me Bonsai, a personal blog with small illustrations.

Whenever someone comments here I’ll click their link to return the favour of visiting. Sometimes people write “Hey! I make something similar!”, and this time I was led to a blog from ‘another comic-drawing Asian girl in Germany’.

Nozomi blogs about studying art, German and subconsciously doing typical Japanese things in daily life. There are some subtle manga elements in there, so if you’re not familiar with manga you might not get all of the jokes.
If you read Mêh you should be used to the lack of mouths, but she uses even less! It adds to the cuteness but also has a sarcastic “You what” tone. At least that’s what I think. Love this one! :3

3 thoughts on “How To Open A Starbucks Thermos, And Bring Me Bonsai

    • Tze says:

      No worries, I just happen to really like your drawings, hehe. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a lot of extra visitors though (they’d need to come here first). XD
      Will visit Berlin (again) sometime, but dunno when yet. Loved it though! And best falafel ever.

      • Zomink says:

        My pageview count went through the roof today! I normally average about 15 hits a day because I only give out the address to select friends and don’t even share it on Facebook or anything, but I got 165 views today….whoa! But mostly, it’s so awesome that the someone whose blog I love actually likes my stuff too. Thanks again!

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