3 thoughts on “The Highlights Of My Christmas In 2014

  1. Charlotte Steggz says:

    I was just about to ask about your recipes too!
    I thought you had a separate page for them, but I guess you took them down. Dates in bacon are soooo good, I have them for the first time at the Nintendo Xmas party last year. OM NOM.

  2. william says:

    hello I have been reading your webcomic for some time now its great I love it do you do other comics or art work that I could buy also can you post on one page the recipes that you use a lot I always wonder how to cook the stuff you do like not just the ingriedits but also the things you use to cook it like do u use a fat fryer, the oven, a fry pan ? ps I can only read English thank you very much

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