6 thoughts on “Here’s Something I Always Fail At

  1. Spirend says:

    I usually try to open packages the right way, and when i find the proper spot to open it from…

    …i end up using too much force and ripping the package in half. Ah well, curse of my stars…

  2. Patrick Naish says:

    Many people I know wilfully ignore the correct way to open Ritter bars… monsters.

  3. Beth Howard-Hale says:

    haha i did this with a fresh pack of rice tonight and it ended up all over the kitchen floor! x

    • Tze says:

      Oh noooo! One of the worst things to drop on the kitchen floor–which reminds me of another comic I haven’t drawn yet (thanks!). Hope you managed to clean it all up! If not, you’ll prolly keep finding rice everywhere until Christmas haha

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