12 thoughts on “We Got Guinea Pigs!

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  4. Patrick Naish says:

    I know you’re just luring me into a false sense of food-eating-while-reading security :<

  5. moom says:

    This episode made me remember something from long ago. When I was a child, my mother picked a guinea pig from the pet shop for my brother and me. She choose one on the basis that it was not acting even 10% as nervous as all the others. It tured out to be because she was pregnant, so we ended up with three guinea pigs for the price of one.
    The kids would follow their mother running very close behind her, and whenever she suddently stopped to snif the air, the first child would bump into the mother and the second child would bump into the first child. We called this event “kettingbotsing” (multiple car collision) and it would send us kids rolling laughing on the floor, without fail.

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