10 thoughts on “Grrr…Republicans

  1. Liz says:

    I’m sure his mother wouldn’t be too happy if he was sent back to where he came from ;)

  2. Malin says:

    In Sweden, the main racist party has a few seats in government now. It’s not looking good :(
    And there’s even an extreme racist party (which is actually the same as, or rather, what’s left of, the old nazi party that existed before WW2!) who wants to send EVERY foreigner “back quickly”.
    And you should have seen the main racist party’s election commercial from last year… it was so racist/islamophobic they weren’t allowed to show it on TV!

    • Tze says:

      Oh dear! :O And back home we’ve got Wilders who makes anti-islamic propaganda… I don’t like where this is going. :(

  3. charlotte sometimes says:

    Also: Send Ali back to where? Chances are he’s just as German as Heinz, who beats up his wife after he lost money at the betting shop…

    • Tze says:

      “Where he came from” I guess, “as long as it’s not here”? Shocked that such posters can actually be hung up legally, though I’ve seen many of them torn down by people.
      Dunno how strong they are, but here in Frankfurt there are a lot of foreigners who, sadly, don’t try to learn German or integrate, so I imagine a small base of followers would be likely.

      • charlotte sometimes says:

        chances are they’re born at the same hospital as the people who made the posters. the problem only exists because both sides don’t want to recognise that the german demographic is changing. Or why do they give a “Bambi for Integration” to German born GERMAN!!! özil? I mean if he is playing for the German national team, he’s clearly German. But for as long as society fails to recognise that, I am afraid little progress will be made.

        also: we love özil because he’s good at football and has a German passport.
        but why do we not love mustafa who runs a grocery (where most of us have at least once bought vegetables) who is also German and pays taxes?

        it is a bit hypocrite to expect someone to integrate, if they feel they’re not welcome anyway.
        but as said, effort needs to be made on BOTH parts. I just think we have to reconsider our position in the conflict.

        • Tze says:

          Yeah, I’d say Frankfurt is a bit weird for that… it’s full of foreigners because it’s a business city, but the locals don’t seem to be happy around them. But that’s mostly because they ARE loud and don’t pay respect to German culture. Unfortunately, I noticed that me and my friends get loud too, and speaking in English might be intimidating for them, especially to elders.

  4. charlotte sometimes says:

    The REPs aren’t very strong in the area where my parents live. it’s more Pro NRW (just as bad) but they aren’t doing great either (luckily!).

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