3 thoughts on “How Am I Going To MOVE Without Setting Myself On Fire?

  1. Moom says:

    Wow, am I glad that wearing glasses makes me look a lot smarter than without. I never considered using contact lenses at all.

  2. JaneB says:

    Do you have glasses? I don’t have a glasses option (I’m not short sighted, I have a corneal irregularity which is corrected by contact lenses) and when I get pinkeye (about once a year or so) and have to not wear my lenses so my eye(s) can recover, it’s AWFUL. I can’t walk around the house without crashing into things, never mind leave it to go to work or shops…

    And both the cats I’ve had were carefully chosen in the rescue centre not just for personality, but because the colour of their coats contrasted with the carpet in my house, because without my lenses in I once trod on my sister’s cat (dark tabby sleeping randomly on a dark grey carpet, not enough contrast to be visible) and although he was luckily not hurt enough to need a vet trip it was AWFUL :-(

    • Tze says:

      Uughh! That’s pretty clever, actually…I find myself stepping around carefully when not wearing contacts (just before or out of bed) and I know the guinea pigs are waddling around somewhere. :/
      I’ve got glasses, but they’re like 8 years old! So I can see a bit more with them, but not enough to describe the situation as “safe”. :p So I’m getting BOTH new so I can be fine again for a while. Hopefully.
      I guess sending your cats out for groceries wouldn’t work, huh. Hurray for pizza delivery service?

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