Gimbap Rescued Our Evening Meal

Featuring: Tze, Ben

I always say ‘toko’ when I mean any kind of Asian supermarket. It’s a Dutch thing…
(And I did leave out more chop chops, some more sizzling, the squirting, bubbling and deep-frying.)

4 thoughts on “Gimbap Rescued Our Evening Meal

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  2. Moom says:

    The local supermarkets in Germany don’t have Nori sheets in their so-called “Asian food” section? (Here in and round  Amsterdam you can buy it alsmost everywere)

    Just guessing, the “whirr…pling” could be the sound of a microwave oven, the turning plate revolving followed by the “I’m ready”-signal.

    • Tze says:

      CORRECT! It was a microwave.
      Oh yes, they’ve got nori, but the place nearest to Ben is still 25 minutes of travel time away… lazy…

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