7 thoughts on “I’ll Forgive You, Germany. If You Just Call It ‘Artistic Freedom’ Instead Of ‘Food’

  1. CG Cutegallery says:

    I used to drink Frankfurt tap water all the time *lol* – but yeah, Germans seem to be obsessed with bottled water. I thought it’s a European thing, so people don’t really buy bottled water in Holland ?

    • Tze says:

      Bottled water was totally a luxury when I still lived back home. We only had ONE brand (imported from Belgium)! And it only came in two varieties… carbonated and non-carbonated. Now, I think bottled water has become common, but Germany is pretty hardcore with its 4 (or 5?!) levels of carbonated water. >_>

      • Patrick Naish says:

        I was recently in Hannover for CeBIT, and I have to ask… do you know why Germans are so confused by/horrified at the concept of drinking tap water? It’s such good quality there, too… but everyone tried to give me sparkling water. Even when I asked in both languages :P

        • Tze says:

          I’m not sure where the obsession with bottled water came from in Germany! I wasn’t aware of any fear of tap water, though. Frankfurt tap water is pretty horrible, by the way. ;)

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