Freezer Bags

Featuring: Tze

And they’re REUSABLE! …Seriously. Maybe I should start hosting tupperware parties…
AH To Go is a chain of little shops within train stations from Albert Heijn, my favourite supermarket.

6 thoughts on “Freezer Bags

      • Tapiokiviluoma says:

        Nor should you take it as a bad thing , that you’re doing things that are considered convenient. I, for one, actually built small wooden boxes for my comic/manga book series out of wood. Why? I was running out of space. Even now, i have my book boxes stacked under the dartboard i got for christmas.

        • Tze says:

          They’re definitely not a bad thing, getting carried away by it is just so… it reminded me of how ridiculous Tupperware parties are. And I’m afraid I might actually love them. ;) Actually building boxes is impressive though. :O

          • Tapiokiviluoma says:

            It’s not too impressive since i aced my woodcarving course and we live very close to a forest with a large tree yield. Although i sometimes fetched lumber from the nearby logmill. I really don’t know if it’s abandoned or not, since there’s no one there, yet when i go there the next time there’s more lumber than i left there.

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