Forced To Sugar It Up?

Featuring: Tze

This is a follow up of yesterday’s comic.
So I tried to avoid sugar for the rest of the day but ended up eating more and more (Pancake Day! Berliner Day! International Women’s Day!)…

2 thoughts on “Forced To Sugar It Up?

  1. Malin says:

    Here in Sweden we celebrate Semledagen at the same day as International Women’s Day, and most people eat semlor during the days preceeding it, too, so the beginning of March has been a very sugar-filled time for me as well :D
    How did the green curry go, by the way?

    • Tze says:

      Ehehe I didn’t make a green curry from scratch in the end… but bought all the ingredients (paste, coconut milk etc) from a fake Asian brand at the local supermarket instead *shame*… was nice, but I should make a fresh one again with lots of coriander and lemongrass. And when I do, salmon or some other fish will be added. >:3

      Just looked up the semlor… oh god… I want one for breakfast NOW! All existing variations, please. With hot milk.

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