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Flädlesuppe. Pancake soup! Wonderful for using up leftovers (and my pancakes were stuffed with goat’s Gouda, so it was even better).
Make it yourself by rolling up pancakes (the crepe kind), slicing them thinly, and pouring hot beef broth (with cooked, diced carrot) over them. Top with parsley. Yum!

5 thoughts on “Flädlesuppe

  1. M Bobrovic says:

    “Flädlesuppe” is really delicious and my fist choice as appetizer in a “Gut bürgerliche Küche” (a good citizens kitchen) restaurant :3

  2. Nozomi says:

    We just had goat gouda for the first time yesterday! The cheese guy who sold it to us (there’s a great cheese place just across the street from us) said that the Dutch like to keep all the good stuff to themselves and export all the mediocre stuff! HA!

    • Tze says:

      I…JUST…said the same about Dutch tomatoes to my sister. O_O It’s true! It’s so true! Though Germany is pretty good at making plain Ziegenkäse. (Withour variety. When I went home in January there was mature, extra mature and old…sniff…)
      ——– Original message ——–

      • Nozomi says:

        Hahah! That’s funny. But yes, the Dutch goat gouda was really good, and I’m not even a goat cheese person! :)

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