10 thoughts on “The First Symptoms Of Heavy Stress (part 2)

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  2. JaneB says:

    First, I’m glad to hear you are getting better from this!

    Second, I am jealous that your doctor gave you time off! I have had similar problems for too long and my doctor seems to believe that continuing to work plus different drugs is always the answer… but I love (parts of) my job so quitting which would take away THAT stress would bring all sorts of other stress (like not being able to pay for the house, the cat food etc.) so it’s hard to manage, regardless. But time off is seen as a last resort AFTER drugs, which seems very odd to me, but that’s the way it is in the UK apparently. Sigh! But isn’t it wierd how stress goes to the stomach? And for me, the throat – I lose my voice too.

    Third – I only found this comic recently and am very glad I did! I especially love your drawings of guinea pigs; my sister and I had “pinnie-gigs” as pets growing up and yours are very ‘pig-like’ drawings! So cute!

    • Tze says:

      Hey, thanks so much for reading! Hehe pinni-gigs…it’s been a while since I last drew them, but maybe I should again… >:3

      My doctor gave me time off as a temporary solution so I could get some things sorted out, without risking pushing myself too much (I would’ve just carried on). It’s definitely not THE solution, no… Pumping you full of chemicals doesn’t sound very healthy tho. :| So do you continue to work even though it takes time to adjust to the new drugs? Or do you start taking them on weekends to avoid any unexpected effects?

      I’ve heard others were advised to “quit their job and do what they absolutely love” as well, but yeah, how about paying bills?! Going to job interviews? Not being able to eat? XD I’m glad you mentioned it!
      (Losing your voice because of stress sucks, tho it sounds slightly better than having to explain “I’m sorry, I can’t poop anymore due to stress”.)

      Hopefully you can at least get a vacation on your doctor’s recommendation!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Oh wow… take care of yourself ok? I can see how working *there* would cause stress though haha. I felt a lot better (my skin got better and my hair too) when I left, but my current job isn’t exactly a pile of fluffy clouds so I may have jumped out of the pan and into the fire…or whatever those people say.

    Also, I need to buy your book and also maybe can I advertise too? Is there a way to contact you to ask about your rates?

    • Tze says:

      Hey! I’m starting to feel better these days, thanks. :3 And I hope your new job is at least motivating enough to go to? :< Advertising is done through Project Wonderful-- click the link above the ads! My page views have dropped massively since the domain move though. ...Which can also work out fine for you, as the rates have dropped, too. Whoops, didn't realise my Contact page wasn't online! Until I've got that fixed, you can contact me via e-mail at tzemail.com(a)gmail.com or via Twitter @xxTze!

  4. Els/Vosje says:

    I would like to support Laura’s comment. Anti-depressants are not the good way to go when you are stressed and not depressed! XD Please go for that second opinion! o_O Naow! I have been in a heavy burnout for 2 years (somewhat out of it for about a year now) And one of the most important things I have learned is that you won’t get away with fighting the symptoms. You have to get to the core of the problem. What is it really that makes you stress from the inside. For me, my bowel problems came from fear and my stomach problems from feeling guilty all the time from not meeting (mostly my own) expectations. The opposites of those are trust; (in your surroundings but mostly in yourself, that, whatever happens, you are creative enough to find a solution for whatever problem that might occur) and pleasure; Allowing yourself to do things you enjoy in the moment itself without feeling guilty. To make some space for yourself to feel what you really feel instead of how you think you should feel. Also; be carefull you are not trying to overwork yourself as if you are compensating for other area’s you think you might lack in now or in the past. Be nice to yourself and listen to your body instead of your mind every now and then. You will notice it will reward you greatly. ^^ Goodluck with all this! (and forgive me for the text overload XD)

    • Tze says:

      No no, I really appreciate these long comments! It makes me happy that you’re being helpful and are sharing your own experiences with me. ^^
      One of the problems will be dealt with at least…but some things can’t be cut out of your life immediately; it takes time (boo). I’m not sure about the guilt not the trust thing in my case, though my doctor asked about them as well. It’s interesting to see how stress manifests itself as bowel problems for (at least 3 in the comments) people, heh. Will ask for a second opinion this or next week. :) Thank you so much for commenting!

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  6. Laura says:

    Aah, noooo… That’s totally the wrong way to work against stress ;; I never heard of someone getting prescribed anti-depressants for stress to be honest… My doctor told me years ago that those won’t kick in much before you take them at least half a year, so I don’t see how such a tiny dose would help. Especially not against stress, you’re not depressed (I hope). I have an irritable colon due to stress and seriously, staying home for two weeks won’t resolve stress. It calms you down in the beginning a bit because you don’t have to think off work, but that’s it, then you get stressed because you’re bored. My doctor here in Munich as well as the one at my hometown both told me that there’s only one thing that really helps – search for something that relieves stress. Be it sports or being active otherwise, anything that distracts you and relieves you. And you have to sort out where the stress is coming from and then you have to work with that. You won’t be able to work against it, but instead learn to live with it and accept it (and then you can still try to change it). I would suggest trying sports in those two weeks or clean up a lot, because seriously, sitting around two weeks is horrible… XD Good luck, I’m sure you can manage to get over it :3

    • Tze says:

      Aww thank you so much for this long comment!
      This comic is currently backdating so those two weeks are long over; oops! I however found a way to distract myself during that time by getting BUSIER than usual (XD) and getting the stuff done that I wanted to have done. This helped a lot, and gave me the opportunity to think about what I really want. So your advice is not far off! And oh yeah, I had some bowel problems too… -.-‘ It’s so weird how stress manifests itself.
      I’m still taking these tablets (have been prescribed them for about 1/2 year), but will go to another doctor soon for a second opinion…because taking drugs for a psychological condition IS pretty weird, isn’t it? Thanks again for the advice, and I hope you’re feeling better now as well!

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