3 thoughts on “More Bento Bling, More Stuff To Wash Up

  1. rose says:

     bentos are a great thing to do :D
    I make them almost every day for the three of us and just love how it gives kids a better understanding of healthy food – and makes eating more fun!
    When my future hubby is here, he gets Aisai bento (“loving wife bento”) and even though he is soooo picky about food, he seems to enjoy~
    The trick with the sieve is clever! Never thought of this easy way – therefore thanks!! You just made my life a bit easier :3

    • Tze says:

      Whoops, I meant to reply to this sooner!
      My, for three people at once! Do you cook loads in the evening that will be used in the bento for the next day, or do you make it fresh? I’ve been doing this for the two of us for a year now, but am still so slow…

  2. Moom says:

    Sieve… that was a word I had to look up. Funny how years of education and reading English language internet sites still allows for some words to slip below the radar. And now I suddenly realize its translation is far more obvious than expected, because “sieve”is pronounced almost identical to the Dutch word “zeef”.

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