4 thoughts on “Don’t Wash Your Plate Yet! Let Me Empty It First…

  1. Malin says:

    I ate fresh salmon in green curry with bamboo shoots and coriander, recently. That was very tasty :3
    Salmon is really quite a versatile fish.

    • Tze says:

      Hmmmm! That sounds so yummy… I usually refrain from putting salmon IN stuff because it already has a great taste, but that sounds amazing. Especially if the fish is really fresh! :)

      • Malin says:

        Yeah, fresh fish is the best :) And I put some coconut milk in, too, and usually fry the salmon a bit, and then fry some wok veggies and the bamboo shoots in the same pan, so that they’ll pick up the salmon taste too, before putting it all in the curry.

        • Tze says:

          Oohh you actually made it yourself. :O Hm, I still need to get my hands on some bamboo shoots (ate them a lot, never cooked them myself)… think I’ll make a green curry this weekend, thanks for the inspiration! :)

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