5 thoughts on “Dear Hairdresser: Know Your Asian Hair

  1. Ally says:

    Congrats!! I need to get my hair cut as well. I have UBER fine hair that just hangs there and does nothing. So as it grows out, it looks like frumpy sad straw. Bleh.

    • Tze says:

      Ach, I’ve got super thick hair… so it’s prickly and unpleasant for people to get in their face… gimme fine! Swap! XD

  2. Patrick says:

    Well, this evens it out for the Chinese barber who shaved me. Chinese men often only have a few beard hairs but as a Caucasian I can grow a full beard. So the barber tried to charge me trice as much as normal because she had to use 3 blades and while shaving she was complaining 太硬了 (tai yingle, the hairs are too hard). Well, it was not my fault she used blunt blades. Afterwards the skin on my jaws hurt for hours.

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