Curse You, WordPress Update!

Featuring: Tze

Did the automatic WordPress update yesterday and spent half the day fixing everything that broke ( was a blank page). The site’s layout is almost back to normal now…phew, that was scary. >_> (Don’t start about child themes, unless you want to make me one for free.)

3 thoughts on “Curse You, WordPress Update!

  1. Moom says:

    The sound-word “Kablammo” reminded me to this song from a fake commercial in the early days of  Nickelodeon:

    What rolls down stairsAlone or in pairsRolls over your neighbor’s dog?What’s great for a snackAnd fits on your back?It’s Log! Log! Log! It’s Lo-og, it’s Lo-ogIt’s big, it’s heavyIt’s wood!It’s Lo-og, Lo-ogIt’s better than badIt’s good!!!Everyone want’s a logYou’re gonna love it Log.Come on and get your log.Everyone needs a log.”It’s Log…from Blamm-o” 

      • Moom says:

        You are correct. I must admit I didn’t appreciate the Ren and Stimpy style humor all that much, and was more entertained by the fake  “Log” commercial.

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