13 thoughts on “Kitchen Princess, Cooking Fail

  1. valia carvalho says:

    have the same problem – therefore I never eat fried eggs :(     Love you blog!

    • Tze says:

      I don’t like fried eggs much anyway (I just have them with bacon), so it doesn’t matter much. :p Thanks for reading!

  2. Lucthefriendlytroll says:

    Ahh, the trick is! Always use butter! A small pat though, not a load. Just enough to scooth about the pan where the egg will be. Use a medium or even low flame! This seems like a waste of time, but its worth it. Wait and watch until the white is somewhat opaque and you can jostle the pan, and the egg wil lslide about freely. Then, either cover it with a pan-lid or tin foil, or use a flat, wide, *thin* spatula to flip it. 

    …I have no idea if that could help, but eggs are a speciality!

    • Liz says:


      spray the pan gently with vegetable oil, heat  and then crack the egg in. the flame must be quite fierce- the egg needs to cook quickly. whilst it is cooking, use a spatula to flip some oil onto the top of the yolk.when the last of the white has gone opaque the egg is done- should take about 2-3 mins max. Never flip it over- the whole point of a fried egg is so that you can dip into it.

  3. Patrick Naish says:

    Mmm, pie. Best to serve it without telling people what type it is, and if they ask, you stare at them and laugh. 

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