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Nozomi from Bring Me Bonsai mentioned me in this post! Yay!
I think we’ll end up posting comics about the same topics now and then… I’m not sure if it’s an auto bio comic artist thing or the background, but I keep thinking “Oh yeah! I still have to make a comic about that!” when I read her comics. :)

As for the comic below, that was… yeah…

8 thoughts on “Blurry

  1. Mr. Hagi says:

    That happened to me as well, two or three times I think. However, I always thought of myself just having swapped the sides – but at the moment, I’m wearing glasses anyways since contacts are such a hassle to clean and kind of uncomfortable for me to wear all day. :) => 8)

    • Tze says:

      This has happened before too, but back then my eyes were about the same so it was difficult to tell whether I’d swapped them or not. :p Ha, nothing can go wrong with glasses can there. So easy to just take them off and give them a quick wipe too.

  2. Moom says:

    When I put down my glasses somewere, it’s fine countours fall below my natural ability of sight resolution. So, if I haven’t precisely remembered where I’ve left them, I have to put on my spare glasses to be able to find them. To my great relief, it doesn’t happen too often.

  3. Zomink says:

     Likewise! Your blog is a source of inspiration when I’m stuck in a rut! Woot!

    Oh man, that must have been annoying! I did nearly the same thing the other day…except with glasses. I was really tired and confused at why everything was really blurry until I realized that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. D’oh! 

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