4 thoughts on “I Discovered This Weird Street On Google Maps

  1. moom says:

    I think I know where that is: the “street” named Zwaluw in Nieuwegein. The whole honeycomb shaped neighborhood bearing just one single name adds much to the confusion.

    I’ve seen the place in person, and included it in presentation about remarkable city planning experiments, back when I was studying at my technical school. The architecture of the dwellings there is interesting as well, a kind of tribute to the “Amsterdamse School”-style, for example roof tiling that sometimes extends to cover vertical surfaces.

    • Tze says:

      Nice one! I didn’t mention Nieuwegein in the comic but the image file’s name does give it away. :p Maybe I’ll visit it sometime, but I’ve got absolutely no idea what to expect!
      Haha, what a coincidence. :D

      • moom says:

        I did recognize the place from your drawing directly, the street pattern is very characteristic. The small hexagonal courts are cozy in the extreme, and to a point it attracts a special breed of residents who seem to appreciate this. People with a strong desire for privacy should not attempt to settle in this neighborhood.

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