After The Antidepressants

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I really love ToDoist. I tried another tasklist app called Wunderlist before, but ToDoist gave me everything I needed for free. As a result, I ended up paying them for even more service! Weird how psychology works, huh?

Also, my appointment at the optician has been postponed to Monday, so no setting myself on fire yet.

OH and here’s the easy-peasy recipe for (vegan) banana bread. I actually buy bananas in bulk now so they all turn black and HAVE to be turned into banana bread.

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One thought on “After The Antidepressants

  1. Charlotte says:

    I hope you’re ok.
    Someone gave me a ma-hoo-sive rice cooker last week so I want to try and make banana bread in there. I SUCK at baking, but it seems to be an easy thing to do.

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