Another Contest, As Promised

As requested, here’s another (and most likely the last :p) opportunity to win the Mêh Blog book.

What I need from you is an idea for a new header/banner as the current one is over a year old now. Will it be biscuits and tea? Wrestling a Mêthulu? Lend me your creativity! >:3

1. Suggest your idea in a comment below (written, or a link to a sketch, whatever).
2. Please leave your e-mail address (required). Your e-mail address will not be made public.
3. One suggestion per e-mail address!
4. You can post another suggestion for every mention on Twitter or Facebook (of Mêh Blog including URL), and every Stumble on StumbleUpon. Please mention in your comment which platform you used.
5. When the contest ends, I will pick the best idea and contact the person for their home address. Yes. You’ll have to give me your home address if you want to receive the book. Duh.
6. The winner will be announced on the blog, but you can give me a pseudonym if you don’t want your real name to be exposed.

Contest has ended, the winner is Sylvie J!

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18 thoughts on “Another Contest, As Promised

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  3. Freezie43110 says:

    Little Mêh drawing in a book, while miniatures of previous comics spring out of it and wrap around random fans.

  4. Aditi says:

    You in different avataars; dressed as a cook, a gaming character,maybe as a Bento for Halloween. This would give a subtle hint of what you like and feature often in your comic :)

  5. Sylvia Willard says:

    I definitely think you should go with the ‘love of bentos’ idea. “Always enough time to make a bento … but never enough time to draw”.  Maybe have a ‘Tze frantically whipping something up on a cutting board etc.’ sketch. ^_^

    [additionally, this is the first time I’ve used Disqus…hope its okay!]

  6. Hokori-sama says:

    Yaaaaay Tze! You used my idea >:3 Then I better try and win-win-win!
    Hmm…I will come back to this when I’m not studying for an impending exam this afternoon ufufufufu…

      • Hokori-sama says:

        OKAYGOTIT >:3
        Tze with little plushies of Ben, Nynke etc. all dressed as various sushi/bento ingredients, looking at a couple inquisitively, deciding what to use them for, with one or two people inside a bento box and another person in a rice-cooker or something. Bwhahahaha!

        • Hokori-sama says:

          Maybe I should elaborate a bit better since that was one looooong sentence.
          Imagine a giant (or rather, normal-sized) Tze holding two plushies, perhaps one of Ben, one of a friend, and one’s got seaweed wrapped around them and a piece of tuna on their head, while the other is wrapped in rice and has a plum sticking out of their back a la onigiri. On the counter beside Tze there is an open bento with some already-packed plush/mini friends dressed as food (or perhaps a Mehthulu in there somewhere…) and someone in a frying pan over to the right, or a rice cooker >:3

          Phew, I’m hungry now. Where’s dinner?

          • Tze says:

            Wahahahaha! Well, you’re a day late but okay, it counts as a valid entry. Go on then. :p
            Hmmm, I’m hungry now…

          • Hokori-sama says:

            Huwahuwahuwa, I do apologise, I remembered I hadn’t submitted it on the brink of 30th/1st, so I hoped I’d still made it within the date! Phew >w< Thank you Tze!~

  7. Bill S. says:

    I see a banner with you in a bath eating from a bento. But it needs a medical opion. Lets have your BF sitting next to the tub dressed as a doctor. Thats great. Great. Uh… its too sexy. I don’t like the course of it. Lets have a Cardinal in there. Why not Archbishop of Munich und Freising! No no hes dead. Nevermind, we’ll get his brother, it’ll be cheaper. Lets see… children and animals missing. Lets put a couple of kids in there looking at the bento and a dog looking at the kids. So! We’ve got you in the tub with a bento and your BF as the doctor with a Archbishop’s brother and two kids and a dog….[trails off].

  8. Rita says:

    Mine is a bit lame, but anyway, I love, love, loved your penguins, and I’m a hardcore tea drinker, so maybe something with penguins drinking tea?

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