Our 2-Year Anniversary And Lobster Animal Cruelty

Featuring: Tze, Ben

Maatjesharing (Wiki), pickled raw herring with raw onions, is a delicacy! A smelly one. :3
Apparently lobsters are boiled alive so the flesh doesn’t stick to the shell… how sick is that… “Yeah, we’ll cook you alive so the utter horror will make your bones detach from your flesh, what do you think of that.” D:

6 thoughts on “Our 2-Year Anniversary And Lobster Animal Cruelty

    • Tze says:

      Not really, we introduced ourselves and then sat in the same room for a year not saying a word to each other. I guess Brain Training and its bonus germ killer game brought us together, which isn’t exactly romantic. :D

      • Moom says:

        Hm, maybe not superromantic, but in my eyes it certainly qualifies as a good story!

  1. Zomink says:

    Happy Anniversary!! :D Sounds like a worthy meal for such a special occasion! Mmmm! Hope you guys had an awesome one!

  2. Patrick says:

    I thought they were cooked alive so they turn red. What color had this one, blue or red? 

    Because of animal welfare they were killed straight after catching. 
    Hmm. Sounds somewhat illogical. 
    Okay, it is better than being cooked alive but real animal welfare would be that the lobster would have died of old age in stead of being caught and killed. 

    • Tze says:

      It was red! I thought they were boiled alive for the same reason, but I guess that wasn’t it. Come to think of it, shrimps and crabs also always turn red when you cook them, deep-frozen or not.
      I know, ‘animal welfare’ sounds much better than it is. It’s still done in a better way than the usual I guess, when compared to transporting and cooking them alive, but… it’s almost like they’re claiming to be organic vegetarians here. :p

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