EHEC…All This To Stay Healthy

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The EHEC thing has been all over the news recently. It’s a serious thing since people have actually died from eating contaminated foods, but telling the entire country not to eat any (raw) veg is a bit… dunno. I just think of the disastrous effect it could have on agriculture. Though I should just stick to worrying about my own health, I guess.

4 thoughts on “EHEC…All This To Stay Healthy

  1. charlotte sometimes says:

    There’s a lot of people who get ill – yes. But the whole thing is blown out of proportion. every year people die of e.coli (also in germany) mainly due to dehydration, and mainly elderly or people with further ailments (just as they do now btw)

    Telling people that something caused this, when there is absolutely no evidence for it, is unbelievable! it destroys people’s lives (the ones whos businesses fail) and people STILL get ill, so 100% damage, 0% gain.

    I’m going on Holiday to Hamburg on Thursday. I will eat everything I’d normally eat (since people were warned off tomatoes etc and still fall ill, they are obvs safe to eat). 
    The only difference is: I’ll have baby wipes and hand sanitizer with me at all times, and will use them when in restaurants, but that’s because a lot of people are pigs and don’t wash their hands after using restrooms, therefore passing it on to everyone else.

    • Tze says:

      Yeah, and now with the latest development (bean sprouts!) I wonder if the asia stores are having difficulty selling their ware… or Chinese restaurants in general. They put it in everything! I actually ate bean sprouts the day before it was on the news, lol. Hasn’t been 10 days yet since consumption though.
      Anything special in Hamburg you’d recommend? ;)

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