Accepting A Drawing Depression

Featuring: Tze

…It’s a sudden dramatic turn again! My soy sauce has been restocked though, so there’s a bit of a happy end.
Today’s comic is about what happens when I don’t decide to go against that feeling. Fighting keeps it away for a little while, but it always lingers. Accepting helps me to chew it out and…well, digest it, kinda. :p And it goes away…until next time.

And…the Easter Egg Hunt ended last Sunday. So many of you gave it their all! I was kinda sweating towards the end because more and more participants sent me their (near-)complete list of eggs, where I’d expected most to find only half. I clearly underestimated you. *bows deeply*
Winner will be announced in the next few days. Sit tight!

Accepting a drawing depression helps me to actually get rid of the feeling for a little while.