8 thoughts on “What’s The Best Commenting System?

  1. Zomink says:

    You’re a paranoid commenter! HAHAHA! :P Well, I’m kind of the same too, actually. 

    Wait, do you have to do the stupid captcha thing for my blog? I can’t remember what my settings were and I’m automatically logged in…! Just wondering.

    • Tze says:

      Yup, and for some reason blogger (I made an account just so I could comment easier) sometimes refuses to give me access… AFTER I’ve written a comment and hit the ‘Post’ button. Dunno why. One captcha is doable though, it could be worse. :p

  2. spunox says:

    Well now I’m super self conscious about my commenting habits :[

    I’ve honestly never put that much thought into it, I just try to leave relevant comments to things I like. Is just having a clickable name considered spammy?

    • Tze says:

      Noooo don’t worry! Plus it’s different when I receive comments myself, I really don’t mind if people leave links… I just feel very self conscious when I’m the one leaving them… maybe I’m just a hypocrite! :O

  3. Sylvie J says:

    Do you know why I’ve started leaving comments? I was the kind of person that visits my favorite sites every day, enjoyed what the authors shared, and went on my merry. Sure, I’m a faithful reader, but I’ve just never felt the need to comment.

    Then I started a D&D comic blog ~ and though I get lots of visitors, so far no one comments! It made me sad at first, but then I realized that all of these people were just like me!

    Which kinda sucks. So I’m changing my trend to let you as an author and artist know that I greatly appreciate your work! It has inspired me on a regular basis! (I’m sure I sent you a letter about that at some point ^_^)

    So far I’ve jumped through every comment hoop EXCEPT the subscribe one. I mean, I check their site every day anyway, why do I need to subscribe?!?

    Thanks for the new goodies!

    • Tze says:

      Don’t worry about it, leaving and receiving comments is completely different anyway. :D I really don’t mind when people leave links to their own websites, or leave suggestions to things I or others might like. Haha, well, with my long list of comics and websites to check I don’t really get round to visiting them on a daily basis, and tend to forget what I’ve said and where… it’s different for everyone I guess.

  4. Coja says:

    en toch heb ik nu het gevoel wel te moeten reageren omdat de strip over commenting gaat, ik vind het ideaal als ik er niks mee moet en een mail krijg als er een reactie op mijn reactie is…

    • Tze says:

      Neeeee dat was helemaal niet de bedoeling (maar kennelijk wel het effect geweest) van deze post! XD Een reactie op m’n reactie in mijn mailbox in inderdaad ideaal. Sommige sites hebben helaas alleen de otie om alle reacties te ontvangen (dus ook ongerelateerde van andere mensen), da’s wat minder… vooral wanneer je op een superpopulaire site comment (40 spam-berichten). :p

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