22 thoughts on “A Rant About Drawing Comics

  1. Evil Lovecraft says:

    Do you know http://www.flattr.com ? It’s a micro payment system. I haven’t any clicks yet, so I can’t tell you, how it exactly works ;)

    I love your idea of the donation buttons that much, so I “borrowed” it also to my blog :3

    • Tze says:

      I just had a look– it looks very interesting! But I do wonder how big the chance is that one of my readers will have it. I’ll keep it in mind for now, thanks for the tip!
      I’m glad you liked the donation buttons, you’re the second one to do that. :p Did you make your own version though? Could I have a look? ;)

      • Evil Lovecraft says:

        I like the idea, that people instead of donating some amount of money can “buy” stuff, that is useful for the artist. I made my own version of the buttons. I would be delighted, if you would take a look at them :) http://blogrovic.blogspot.com/

        • Tze says:

          Ahhh I didn’t realise you were Blogrovic. XD Nice adaptation of the buttons! I also considered adding my wishlist in the donation section… hmm… maybe one day. :3

  2. Michael Hussinger says:

    This is still one of the first sites I visit every morning. And you update like forty times more often than me or anyone, so you’re obviously full of creative drive.

    So no slowing down or throwing the towel, OK? :)

    • Tze says:

      Well, Mêh has been going on for 8 years now (with a year hiatus) so that should be fine. :p It’s just the manga comic I need motivation for.

      Thanks for (still) reading! :D

  3. Adi says:

    i once read a tip for artists “Don’t quit your day job”. I wholeheartedly agree with that one!
    plus, you work in Nintendo! Thats a seriously cool office job :)

    • Tze says:

      Dang, how successful must you be to be able to quit your day job. :) I’ve seen two great comic artists quit their jobs temporarily to focus 100% on their comics, but it seemed tough. They needed people to pledge money via Kickstart and the like…

  4. Chinoiseries says:

    (Your office job is a little more exciting and fun than the usual office job out there ;-) That at least should offer a bit of consolation?)

  5. Sheika Lugtu says:

    Heh. It’s hard NOT to think of comics as a waste of time/money. I stay in it because comics aren’t really my main goal. I’m in school for art and found myself only doing assignments. Soon I stopped enjoying art because I only did it when I HAD to.

    So I started the comic. It’s something I do entirely for me and I’ll keep doing it as long as it’s fun. If I make some money along the way, awesome. If not…..meh.

    • Tze says:

      My thought exactly! Though it’s nice when you discover you other people like your stuff, too. :)
      I’m going to leave earning money with art to the talented…

  6. Malin says:

    Well, I haven’t published mine anywhere… but I plan on doing that soon. And then my goal will be to have an unusual sort of blog (sort of like you do!) and also to get better at drawing (and to get some regular practice). I have a dream graphic novel that I want to create, but I have a lot to work on regarding art and storytelling through pictures.
    I’m sure many people here would love to see the “teenage romance fantasy manga”, by the way!

    • Tze says:

      Oohh, let me know when they go online! :O That sounds like a couple of big plans, are you going to have everything prepared in detail before starting? Don’t you want to just start and gradually get better as you do it?

      I’m kind of hesitant to put a link to my manga here, but people can find it on this domain… :p

      • Malin says:

        I will, I’d be honored to have you reading it.
        Well, the graphic novel won’t be made yet in a while, it’s sort of autobiographical and I feel that a few more years will need to pass before I can properly reflect over the time that it will be about.
        I’ll have most things prepared, I think. I’ve barely drawn since high school/sixth form, but I’ve taking up drawing mini-comics now, and re-discovered the fun of drawing! Unfortunately, I never had a proper cartoon-y style, it was just shabbier versions of my normal style, which looks bad in comics and is a bother to draw. So now I’ll need to refine my newly invented cartoon-y style(it’ll always get better along the way, I guess, but everything needs a proper foundation), and think up a name for the blog-comic, then I can start :)
        It’ll also double as an outfit journal, since I dress in lolita fashion yet hate taking photos of myself (which lolitas do ALL the time. I seriously know one who’s even done it in her sleep). I can just draw my outfits instead, heh.

        Easter egg-hunt for the manga then? XD

        • Tze says:

          In her sleep?! XD I bet drawing lolita-style clothes is a lot of fun! I would’ve made a goth manga if I could but that’s beyond me… Frills and laces are awesome.
          Do you have any mini comics online? >:3 A quick drawing style seems to be best for a blog since it’ll need to be updated regularly (damn you people who update with amazing pieces of art every few days!). When I went home-home I found my complete collection of old Mêh comics… it was horrible… but good for self-reflection.

          • Malin says:

            She’d walked in her sleep, stood in front of her usual outfit-photographing wall, did her usual pose, and snapped some very blurry photos of herself in her PJ’s. She was so used to taking outfit snaps that she did it in her sleep! Or so she told me, anyway XD
            None of my comics are online at the moment (unless you’d like the shitty ones I did for the school paper when I was in high school) since I draw them on paper and don’t have a scanner :<
            I can totally relate to the "finding old comics"-thing. Last year I had a cleanout and found the originals of a manga I made for a local 'zine when I was 11-12 and DAMN that was some shitty art and even worse writing! Technically it was rather good for a kid of that age, and I highly doubt there are any of those zines left in existence so no one will ever see it, but I'll always see it as "I did it, and I did it badly".
            Lolita clothes are fun to draw if there are no intricate prints (which my newest lolita dress has, so I'll never be able to draw it, haha.) or very advanced lace patterns. Then it just gets difficult. Arina Tanemura is my idol when it comes to drawing clothes :3

          • Tze says:

            Arina Tanemura! I’m a sucker for her detailed art and soppy love stories… it’s terrible. Gave up on trying to draw like her though. I’d prolly need a new pen and hand every 5 pages.
            I love drawing black clothes too, but inking is hell. Adding white lace with a whitening pen is fun though!
            I remember the scannerless days… everybody uploaded fanart (back in 1999) and I had all my art piled up next to the pc and had to comment with “can’t upload my stuff… sniff”. But maybe it was for the better since it was all ugly anyway…
            It’s one of my basic needs for a home now. :D

  7. Maaike says:

    Haha, well as you probably know I achieved that goal more or less, but I still can’t make a living on comics. I need illustrations to pay the rent, and that’s how it is for most professional comic artists.

    • Tze says:

      Er… it’s called ‘Mage!’. I’m not going to post a link here, but you should be able to find it on this domain… :p

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