A Bento Contest!

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Cooking Gallery is hosting a bento contest, and you can win prizes like bento sets (look at all those accessories!) and the Just Bento cookbook. Wow! :O

(Yes, hyphen missing between ‘kimono’ and ‘style’…)
Now, when you click on the link… DON’T be put off by the amazing piece of art on the top of the page. The rules state that your bento doesn’t have to be a charaben (Wiki); one of those lunches that look like they require hours of cutting, moulding and colouring foods to achieve the wanted result.
I guess I will opt for colourful, healthy(ish) and… TASTY.

The contest ends on December 20th so there’s still time enough to practice. :) Is anyone else joining the contest? I think that, even if I don’t win, it will still be fun to do, plus I’ll be more motivated to put more effort into making bentos.

Here’s the one I made yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll use this one to participate… it’s not exactly spectacular. But hey, I got to practice taking yummy-looking photos. :p

Top: leftover cucumber and avocado sticks, slices of daikon, pineapple and strawberries
Bottom: maki with smoked salmon and cucumber, avo maki, boiled potatoes in sweet soy sauce butter (recipe from Everyday Harumi, I’m addicted to these…)

3 thoughts on “A Bento Contest!

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  2. Cookinggallery says:

    Thank you for spreading the words….:)!! Your comic strips are hilarious and nicely done, I am sure you’d be able to come up with beautiful bentos too with your creativity :), I’ll offer more traditional bento boxes or tools for the next contest or giveaway, the 2nd prize set seems to be more popular than the 1st one ;)…!

    • Tze says:

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving comments, I imagine it’s quite a lot of work, considering you’ve got so many readers–and people interested in participating! I think it’s great that you put in the effort, and hope that the number of competitors will keep growing. It sure is a fun contest!  :)

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