16 thoughts on “Why Semi-Hurrying Is Best

  1. Cookinggallery says:

    I woke up half an hour too late too a few days ago…! But I still managed to come in time somehow, I guess it’s because I normally always arrive 1 hour early at work ;). You’re so lucky that you can get up at 7.00, I need to get up at 5.20 everyday :( – I live far away from my workplace :( :(.

    • Tze says:

      Why would you arrive so early at work??? O_O Do you have flexible times, or do you just like to take things easy like making yourself some coffee etc? Man, 5:20… that’s even earlier than when I used to prepare the oven trays (putting bake-off bread on them) in the supermarket on Saturday morning… respect.

  2. Moom says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the staple German bread has non-stick properties, I always felt it tasted like Teflon :-)

  3. Patrick says:

    At the office at 9 am? I thought Germans go to work ridiculously early and that office starts at 7.30 am? 

    Space time pocket? No, your normal morning routine is just too long. 

    • Tze says:

      Whoops, made a mistake there! 8:56 should be 7:56. Fixed.
      But still; yeah, we start work at around 8:45. And since we usually get caught in the rush hour, I think most of the Frankfurters start around that time. Dunno about 7:30…

      • Patrick says:

        Ah! Now it makes sense, from bed to office in 26 minutes. 

        A lot of Germans live here in Nijmegen and one of them told me that school started at 7.30. The horror, the horror. And they had to go to school on Saturdays as well. >_<

        And Sylvia Witteman (do you know her columns?) complained that de Germans are such an early risers and that the repair men would be at her door at 7.00, with no signs of morning crankiness.

        So I inferred that live in Germany starts at least an hour earlier than in NL. 

        • Tze says:

          Ah, maybe school is different. Or maybe I’m lucky to work for an international company. :p I once used to work from 7am to 2pm at the postal service in the Netherlands, it wasn’t too bad… meaning I fell asleep straight away at like, 10pm…

  4. Charlotte Sometimes says:

    That happened to me recently and I made it to the train even earlier than I normally do. travelling time pocket perhaps?

  5. rose says:

    haha, I know that sooooo well :D
    mostly it happens if i walk somewhere and listen music same time.. sometimes make a way of 15 minutes in less than 7.. oO

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