3 thoughts on “Rebellious Hair Day

  1. Tapiokiviluoma says:

    I had worse hair once. When i woke up, i looked like Zeke from Shaman King and that’s not even the worst that happened that day. Let me tell you, getting your hair caught in school doors due to static really hurts. On the plus side, i got attention from heavy metal fangirls because of my naturally sleek hair being easy to mosh with, resulting in an epic hair whip. Too bad i like techno better.

    • Moom says:

      In a dance club,  I’ve recieved one of those whips full in my face, from a girl who was a good dancer but really liked to make her moves rather vigorously.

      • Tze says:

        That reminds me of my secondary school days and sitting next to my best friend 5 days a week… she had very sleek, very long hair in a ponytail… and turned round abruptly to talk to her other neighbour… often… ow… -_-

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