5 thoughts on “EA: Patch = Bugs

  1. Tapiokiviluoma says:

    Something similar happened to me while installing a full set of Sims 2. I apparently forgot to patch the original game after the first expansion, and some stuffs didn’t work. So, being a starting videogames developer and having nice amounts of knowledge over scripting languages, i decided to shoehorn a fix in myself, since i had already lost the install files. Results varied from a sim taking a burnt dish from a palm tree, the sound system playing various themes from my computer and one of my sims turning into a king-of-all-trades from playing pinball, to bushes in the yard turning to social workers with child-teleporting powers (i made sure the sims were kind to their kids, so that shouldn’t eveh happen), fire alarms turning into witch cauldrons which played music from the stereos when a fire broke out and the grill suddenly dispensing infinite grilled cheese. Then there was the Innuendo Incident, which i…prefer not to speak of in threads like this.

    • Tze says:

      Hahahaha nice! I know it was apparently fairly easy for (experienced) programmers to toy around with Sims2, there were so many mods out there… shame I never got the pc version of the game! Haven’t seen a lot of good mods for 3 yet which surprises me… can you make a grilled cheese dispenser in real life? Please do. :O

      • Tapiokiviluoma says:

        IRL Grilled Cheese dispenser. Pointless, unusual, complex to clean, not to mention insane.

        I’ll see if i can scrap something together. Once i ‘ve got the parts i think i’ll start a building diary.

        *cat rushes across the keyboard*

        Of course, the cats are going be a small distraction…

  2. Moom says:

    I have a lot of respect for your kind of users, for taking all the flack far before I even start to consider  updating. Is Gamma-testing an appropriate term for this? :-)

    • Tze says:

      Haha I didn’t even mean to do it, it’s just that when you’ve worked as a tester you can’t really play a game without noticing bugs everywhere…

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