I Love Eating And Making Gyoza!

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This is actually inspired by Bring Me Bonsai’s post about gyoza. Gyoza is just so… yummy. I’m using deep-frozen skins now instead of making them all from scratch. It saves so much time! And they’re tasty too.

Also, today’s lunch (:p): rice with gomasho, chicken kijiyaki, sweet potatoes, daikon, potato dumpling stuffed with sauerkraut, brownie, onigiri, sausage, cherry tomatoes, cucumber… please note these are two meals. XD

11 thoughts on “I Love Eating And Making Gyoza!

  1. Rose says:

    oh well.. I´m living with one foot in Germany, the other in Japan where my lovely Bf lives  – and I´m addicted to Gyoza!!
    At home in Düsseldorf I use to cook them for me and my kids (and yepp.. they´re eaten in the moment of a glimpse..), but in Japan you find them at every corner in those wonderful chinese restaurants.
    There are even very famous specialized stores for just Gyoza.. *drool*
    Back in China I always ate them at the small street shops at morning and evening. Guess there is no better way to start and end the day with :)
    Oh, and btw – we do it the other way around.. first steam then in a pan and wait until there is no water left, then add a bit oil and fry the bottom. Soooo tasty (/ ‘ o’)/~~ ~~<3

    • Tze says:

      Ugh! I should be glad we can’t get them everywhere. Apparently they’re super high in calories! :D Just imagine being able to get a few in a take away… er, cup(?) and eating them on the train… oohhh breakfast… hmmm…

      So frying after they’ve been cooked, huh? I’ll try that next time! Will make them again this weekend, let’s hope I’ll remember. :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Moom says:

    You prepare these by  frieing in a shallow layer of oil, as the name potstickers seems to suggest?

    I’ve heart that in the north of China (the part where they sleep on heated stone beds), dumplings are originallly a breakfast dish. Is that true?

    A funny thing is, when you order this dish in one of the smaller towns of the eastern provinces of  The Netherlands, you have to tell the waiter if you want them steamed, because they expect their customers wanting to have these fried by default.

    • Tze says:

      Yeah, these are pan fried, then steamed (in the same pan). I wouldn’t know about having these for breakfast as I grew up in the Netherlands. :D Though I’m sure I could stomach them easily early in the morning! Yum…
      I’ve hardly ever seen the steamed ones, indeed it seems that the fried ones are more famous…

  3. Patrick says:

    水餃 (shuijiao) was my favorite food in Taiwan and I also stuffed myself. I am too lazy to make them myself and in restaurant you a: pay a fortune and b: they are often not the same, although Gyoza are a good alternative. 

    • Tze says:

      Hmm, I love the steamed ones too! Juicy little pockets of meat. :3 So fattening…! Gyoza are more common here in Frankfurt, I agree they’re not quite the same but yup, they’re a good alternative.

  4. Zomink says:

    Oh my god! You make the most gorgeous bentos….EVER!

    Totally hilarious comic!!! I’ve had the EXACT same gyoza experience—spend forever preparing it and 10 minutes eating it all. I think my parents and I used to make about 80 gyozas at a time back when I was in high school and had an insatiable appetite. We’ve always used store-bought skins, though…we’re not as hardcore as you guys! I can never order gyoza in a restaurant because I don’t understand the concept of eating just 6 (and paying 5-6 euros!) when you could make a ton at home…
    Btw, thanks for the link! :D I’m happy that you share my love for gyoza. :D G and I made them a few weekends ago, and he was totally converted (he’d never had them before). We made about 90 or so for 4 people (3 boys and me) and we couldn’t more for about an hour afterwards. I think we’re getting old…

    • Tze says:

      My bentos are made focused too much on taste, I’m afraid. They need to be healthier…

      Restaurants just seem to see it as a starter or side dish don’t they? D: Luckily one of my favourite Chinese restaurants here does big plates–if you ask them. And sometimes they will mention it, but it’s not on the menu. Then again, it’s a place where they’ll happily make anything for you if you ask…
      I’m glad G likes them! There’s no way back now, hahaha… Maybe you can make loads and freeze the rest?

      Well amused at your gyoza rant. ^^

  5. Emilien says:

    I think I gain weight just looking at your blog…
    If you could also get rid of the hunger, it would be perfect and I could feast on your posts FOREVAH ^^

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