7 thoughts on “Surreal Art? No Thanks, Not For Me

  1. Liz says:

    3 words – pile of bricks.

    but I do like that Chinese artist who did the ceramic sunflower seeds.

  2. Thomas W. says:

    Personally, I don’t really see Dali as an Surrealist. Just like you said “weird and creepy to get attention” wich pretty much describes all of his works. Max Ernst, Magritte and Breton on the other hand are much better examples for Surrealists, you should maybe check out their stuff, and maybe even read the “Surrealist Manifesto”, because there are more thoughts put into these works than one might think.

    • Ben says:

      Breton was the most heavily featured there.
      The only Dali was from the periods between being accepted into the movement and being expelled.

  3. Zomink says:

    Coool! I’ll definitely have to visit the Kunsthalle in Frankfurt when I visit. I have a rule where I have to come out of any museum I visit with at least one favourite work. I’m glad you found ones that you enjoyed!

    • Tze says:

      The surrealist exhibition is over though! I think we have a couple of modern art museums here, all around the touristic area. I’ve never visited those, only the National History Museum which I can recommend– if you’re into that kind of stuff. Dinosaur fossils etc. :)

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