9 thoughts on “Still Sweating Like A Pig, But Alive

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  3. Teabobaggins says:

    I feel your pain, I am melting in my flat. My PC is adding anothing 10 degrees of heat at least.

  4. Moom says:

    When I’m outside, I have it also. My body burns food in a rate slightly above average, meaning that outside my T-shits have an estimated half-life of 12 hours before they become odoricly unstable. I bring extra ones with me, so I can change in time. Inside the house it stays pretty comfy though, thanks to walls with sufficient mass and good isolation. (Hm, did I just make up a new word?)

    • Tze says:

      Ack! I’d prolly slip off the couch if mine was made of leather!
      The place wasn’t mine until recently, before I was ‘at Ben’s’ instead of living in the same place. :p

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