5 thoughts on “Weird German Health Supplements

  1. Charlotte Steggz says:

    Being back in the UK, one of the best things is that there are actual DRUGS in the shops! I can think to myself “yes, I have a cold” and get the drugs I need to sort it! I was so sad not to be able to buy anything stronger than vitamin C in the shops there.

    • Tze says:

      Hahaha yes! Anything “stronger than vitamin C” is a genius way of putting it. XD
      In the Netherlands, it’s easy to get morning-after pills over the counter at any chemist…I need to go into a pharmacy here just to buy nose spray! Just stating the contrast.

    • Tze says:

      Just dm and Rossmann! But I’m used to seeing all existing vitamins and supplements in alphabetical order. Maybe THAT’S not normal. ;)

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