2 thoughts on “Waste No Alcohol

  1. kotkamroku says:

    (red) Wine was a bad choice? Cook it with spices. Gluhwein.
    White wine tastes awful? Add lemon quarter or lemon juice & sprite :3
    Apfelwein makes your skin crawl? Add sprite, fanta or strawberry soda/juice…

    Also: beer that tastes awful? Cook it with cinnamon, clove and all-spice, quarter of lemon/10 cl of lemon juice, and a slice of ginger (the more the spicier), and some raspberry syrup..Add a bit of water. And then you have beer version of gluhwein :3 Recipe for this is from Poland by the way ^^

    • Tze says:

      Ohhh a BEER version of Gluhwein! Whaaaaaaaaat
      Apfelwein and strawberry soda sounds very interesting. Hmmm, where to find strawberry soda…
      Woo, thank you for all these tips! :D

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