Vegetarian German Food Exists! And It’s Super Yummy

Featuring: Tze, Gemma

Here are some Wiki links for you…
Not so veggie: Schlachtplatte
Veggie: Grüne Soße, Handkäse, Pfifferlinge are chanterelles. And there are Maultaschen, Flammkuchen, Spätzle, etc etc. It’s not so bad! Thanks Gemma.

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Ghent Report (part 3) + Zum Lahmer Esel

Featuring: Tze, Sean, Paddy, Foz, Gemma

Double update as promised! Also, happy Diwali (Wiki)!
The restaurant Zum Lahmer Esel (German website) may not have the best service, but they serve quality food. Bubbles at Home is an awesome soap shop; if you can’t resist buying cute stuff, then do not click on this link which leads directly to their soap sweets page. You’ve been warned.
First, Ghent report part 3:

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