Hello Again

So, at first I made a comic to explain why I’d been away for the last…17 days? Argh.
But I decided not to post it because it just looked like a list of excuses (with drawings). The short story is that I’d been mentally tired recently and had no motivation/energy to do anything. No scary burnout stuff here, just needed to do nothing for a while, I guess.
So basically I sat around reading or playing ancient Simcity 4 and eating congee (Chinese rice porridge that requires no effort at all to make). Tumbleweeds on Mêh Blog. It’s almost time for the F.A.C.T.S. convention. The SugarDesire web shop is still under construction. The house is a mess (sorry Ben)!

I’m very sorry for not having shown any sign of life here, especially since it always annoys me when the webcomics I like don’t update for a while without warning. I’ll try to get back this week!

And thanks to everyone who poked me by posting a comment on an old comic now and then. :)


Curse You, WordPress Update!

Featuring: Tze

Did the automatic WordPress update yesterday and spent half the day fixing everything that broke (SugarDesire.com was a blank page). The site’s layout is almost back to normal now…phew, that was scary. >_> (Don’t start about child themes, unless you want to make me one for free.)