Joining The #gymleadersona Challenge…

Featuring: Awkward Gym Leader Tze

I really should be using this public holiday to do more for the DoKomi convention (it’s next weekend already, eep!) but I stumbled upon this #gymleadersona hashtag on Twitter…and couldn’t resist.😜
It contains me in Mêh Blog form, so it’s legit. Okay? >_>
(Explanation: These are not Pokémon I’d pick, but I didn’t want to stick to one type like gym leaders do…and then it hit me that I could go against type discrimination. Mr Mime, Machamp and Geodude can all be female despite their appearances and names, and Unown, Starmie and Ditto are genderless. Ha! 😈)

Ahhh this was so much fun to draw! I’m quite happy with it. :3

I've joined the #gymleadersona challenge


Hurray For The Experience Share

Featuring: Tze, Oshawott, Dewott, Darmanitan, Minccino

I’m the type of Trainer that cares a lot about their Pokémon and handles them with care… *cough cough* I wasn’t playing with my own game, so don’t bother asking me to trade female starters. :p
(I can’t stand Minccino.)