Jelly and Ice Cream

Featuring: Tze

I don’t know if it’s actually delicious or not, I haven’t tried it yet. But it doesn’t sound very attractive to be honest… Discovered this when I went to an all-you-can-eat (including dessert) with a couple of British friends and they looked delighted when checking the refrigerated section… and returned with this combination.
(Jello is meant here, not the fruity spread on bread.)

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Why Can’t We Get Ice Cream In Winter?!

Featuring: Tze, Foz

Grrr… I’m against ice cream parlours closing during winter (even if it makes perfect sense)! I can’t wait until Eis Fontanella Frankfurt (German website) opens again! Marron Glacé or Pavesini… hmm…

Okay, their website is boring. But this is one of my favourite ice cream places in Frankfurt (why are there so many actually? Not complaining…). <3 Such a huge assortment of homemade Italian ice cream, and it changes too!