The Worst Grocery Shopper

Featuring: Tze, Lin, Xin

Pray you never have to go grocery shopping for me. Thanks a LOT to Lin+Xin for arranging this! You took a lot of trouble off my hands. I prolly would’ve (barely) survived on energy bars the whole weekend. >_>

(Hello, new readers!)

I have the longest and most specific grocery lists.

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The Ultimate Achievement Of A Housewife

Featuring: Tze

Frugal mode…ON!

The new blog theme has been activated now but it’s still not quite what I’d like it to be. Some button tweaking needs to be done, and finding the comments is still hard! Working on it…on everything… Do let me know if you find any major problems (problems like “I hate it” count, too XD)!

I deserve an award!