Another Contest, As Promised

As requested, here’s another (and most likely the last :p) opportunity to win the Mêh Blog book.

What I need from you is an idea for a new header/banner as the current one is over a year old now. Will it be biscuits and tea? Wrestling a Mêthulu? Lend me your creativity! >:3

1. Suggest your idea in a comment below (written, or a link to a sketch, whatever).
2. Please leave your e-mail address (required). Your e-mail address will not be made public.
3. One suggestion per e-mail address!
4. You can post another suggestion for every mention on Twitter or Facebook (of Mêh Blog including URL), and every Stumble on StumbleUpon. Please mention in your comment which platform you used.
5. When the contest ends, I will pick the best idea and contact the person for their home address. Yes. You’ll have to give me your home address if you want to receive the book. Duh.
6. The winner will be announced on the blog, but you can give me a pseudonym if you don’t want your real name to be exposed.

Contest has ended, the winner is Sylvie J!

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Mêh Blog Book Giveaway!

I made a book! Yay… In full it’s called ‘Mêh Blog: a comic diary by Tze-Ting Chao – the year 2010‘ because I didn’t have an idea for a good title… Lame, yup. If I’d had more time I would’ve organised a contest for it. Oh well.

The book will be A5 size, full-colour cover with 178 pages and contain all the comics I made in 2010 (comics that were uploaded that year but hadn’t been drawn in the same year have not been included). A great deal of the content has never been uploaded to the blog nor to the Facebook fanpage! :O
I will add pictures of the books here as soon as they arrive (sometime next week).

Now, how to ensure you’ll get a FREE COPY?

(Twitter users only for now)
1. You must have at least 50 followers.
2. Mention my Twitter account (@mehblog) and link to the blog in your Tweet. Following my account isn’t necessary, it will not influence the outcome of the draw.
3. When the draw closes, I will randomly pick people from the ones who participated and contact them for their home address. Yes. You’ll have to give me your home address if you want to receive the giveaway. Duh.
4. The winners will be announced and their Twitter accounts linked to (unless you don’t want me to, let me know in that case) on the blog.
5. One book per every 10 participants (maximum of 5 books though). Still a pretty big chance, isn’t it? :)

It starts now! Draw will close on October 31st!