Time For A Change

That's me as a gothic nekomimi... thing.This was an April Fool update. ;)

I’ve always loved dressing up gothic style, but I hardly ever did. Maybe if I’d stayed at art school longer and developed a more rebellious personality, things would’ve been a lot different. I only dressed up at conventions and parties, like on this photo—->
Yup, that’s me. Cat ears included! Sadly, it always felt a bit wrong to dress up this way because, being Chinese and looking gothic lolita(ish), I got all kinds of unwanted attention. -_-
“No, I’m not Japanese.” “Yes, it’s nice for you that you can speak Japanese. I don’t understand you though.” “No, I can’t hear ‘especially well’ with those ears.” “NO I DON’T WORK AT THAT CHINESE/JAPANESE/KOREAN RESTAURANT!!!”

But now after many years I don’t care any more. And I don’t want to hide it any longer.
So yup. Here’s the real Tze.

PS: Ben’s holding a Death Note from the anime Death Note. Google it if you don’t get it. :p