Fighting A Drawing Depression

Featuring: Tze

…It’s a sudden dramatic turn!
What’s visualised in today’s comic is a common thing but I don’t know what the correct term is: think a mixture of an artist block, anxiety in general and self doubt. Sometimes it gets so bad I’m immobilised and can only resort to fill-in-the-blanks-binging. (It’s usually reading mangas, playing videogames or cleaning the house. I’m staying away from Netflix!)
What works for me is either fighting it or accepting it. Today I need to get shitloads done because I procrastinated too much, so fighting it is. I ain’t got time for this! D:< A drawing depression tends to creep up and engulf you whole. You can fight it or accept it.


Everybody Has *** Days Sometimes

Featuring: Tze

Sometimes you just get a pretty shit day. Life happens. I’m not going to go into details here, and there’s no need to because we all get days like this. Days when you want to empty a 2,9kg tin of Quality Street over your head. That’s an absolutely shameless affiliate link by the way. And why 2,9kg? Why not make it 3kg while they’re at it? Rah. That annoys me. Everything annoys me! D:< At least it's made me productive... Shit days are for everyone. It's perfectly normal. Just carry on...


Easter Egg Hunt 2018: START!

Featuring: Easter Bunny Tze

The hunt is on! Easter Eggs have been hidden on the Mêh Blog website. Can you find them all? More details below the image…

Find Easter Eggs on the website, win prizes! (And enjoy the hunt!)

How to participate:
-Find as many Easter Eggs as you can on the website and write down their names. Prizes are given according to the number of eggs found!
-Send me a list of the names: e-mail/Twitter message/Facebook message.
-I’ts fine to send more found egg names after your submission.
-The deadline is March 31st.
-Enjoy the hunt!

What to win:
1st Prize: A surprise parcel with Dutch, Chinese and German sweets and a personal Mêh note
2nd Prize: A Mêh-fied button of you
3rd Prize: An A5-size personal Mêh letter
Bonus Prize*: A Mêh-fied avatar of you
Lucky Prize**: A digital, personal Mêh note

*Share this post’s image with the hashtag #MehBlogEggHunt. A winner will be drawn out of all participants.
**A winner will be drawn out of all Egg Hunt participants excluding winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Bonus prize.

Winner names and their amount of found eggs will be announced on the blog and related websites the week after the Easter Egg Hunt ends.