10 thoughts on “In Other Words, Please Don’t Make It Even Worse

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    • Moom says:

      When I was traveling on bike through Germany, I stayed at youth hostels and Naturfreundehauser al lot. The caretakers were almost always very friendly, but the entrance halls often had a bit of a stern aura because of the many warning- and order-notices (white metal sheets with embossed black lettering) in grim, ominous language. I loved that contrasting to this, the atmosphere was quite relaxed and laid back in reality.

      Of course, there was also one exception to this rule: youth hostel “Burg Stahleck” near Bacharach in the Upper Middle Rhine valley really gave you an experience of something approaching a night in Colditz. Curfew: 21:55 – Lights out: 22:00 This was executed by flipping a master switch, blacking out the whole hostel at once, I had a laugh fit when that happened. I have now idea if this still happens there nowadays.

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