The Fruits Basket Manga

Featuring: Tze, Ben, sis

Well, I left most of the volumes at mine, so only read up to 19 so far. Gonna devour the rest as soon as I get home! @_@
I am SO addicted to reading manga…bye-bye, people. Go to someone else if you need some social activity.

2 thoughts on “The Fruits Basket Manga

  1. Malin says:

    Fruits Basket! I started reading that many years ago… Then other manga got in the way… I unfortunately forgot which volume I’m at, so I don’t know where to continue  :(
    Oh, speaking of manga and anime; I’ve recently seen two animes called “C: the Money of Soul and Possibility Control”, and “Steins;Gate”. They’re a bit more mysterious and Seinen-oriented than Fruits Basket, but I try to recommend them to all who like manga and anime, since I think they’re very exciting and well made  :D

    • Tze says:

      Hmmm I quit watching anime a couple of years ago, mostly out of laziness. The other reason was the serious addiction (though I’m making up for that by playing Sims 3… boo). I’ll write them down anyway, but there’s only the small chance I’ll watch them… Thanks anyway tho! :p …I do want to rewatch the Fruits Basket anime now, even if it had a different ending…

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