The Downside Of Reading Webcomics

Featuring: Tze

…When you’ve not checked in a while. Like, a year and a half. In this case Two Guys and Guy.
Oh by the way, Mêh Blog has nearly 1000 comics to read in case you need to, you know, kill some time…on a rainy day…on the toilet…whenever!

So much comic to catch up to!

2 thoughts on “The Downside Of Reading Webcomics

  1. johannaowlette says:

    haha, that’s just what I’m doing right now! I see some of your comics via facebook but not all of them :)

    • Tze says:

      Yay, clicks! XD It probably would’ve been easier to catch up with the old website design, where one could scroll down to read 5 comics in a row. What do you think, was it better than the current design?
      Thank you for reading! X3

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